Floral Foraging Kit // Flower ID + Gathering Kit


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**VALENTINES FREEBIE! Complimentary pouch of organic rose petals! Perfect to add to a nice warm bath! Comes complimentary with each order placed between January 20th-February 20th!

These floral foraging kits are great for budding florists, floral designers, hobby gardeners + nature enthusiasts who love hiking, the great outdoors and foraging for beautiful flora along the way. Not sure where to start your foraging adventure? This 6″ x 4″ kit lightweight can easily be tossed into any backpack and has everything you need to start identifying and gathering plants right away.

Foraging Kit Includes;
iron floral shears (heavy, professional quality)
flower ID book to guide you
field notes journal + pencil to track locations of specific blooms
eco hydration wraps (to wet and keep your finds fresh)
bind wire (to tie your finds to your pack)
sage pouch
durable carrying pouch with camellia imprint

The eco- hydration wraps are 100% plant-based wraps are reusable, compostable, and biodegradable. These will help keep those wildflowers hydrated on your hike back.

The white sage pouch smells heavenly and can be used as an aide to you nature meditations, keep mosquitos at bay or burned for a cleansing escape for your mind.

As always make sure you are foraging in areas where it is allowed, never pick on private, state or park lands without permission.