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London Flower School: November 2018

I’m back from a month abroad! Woo hoo! In November 2018, I was lucky enough to study at the London Flower School in London, England. The course study included concepts as varied as art history, wiring techniques, ikebana and direct ordering blooms form the Holland flower markets. The school it self was pretty remarkable, covering three floors in the hip district of Kings Cross right in the heart of London. Each morning we started with a mini lecture in the upstairs classroom on anything from the history of the floral crown to how royal wedding trends can dominate the wedding market. My favorite part was there was only one other American in the program and there were students there representing Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Greece and Kuwait. Learning how these floral designers create all over the world was incredibly inspiring and I can’t wait to bring what I’ve learned back to the states to implement in our own weddings. I can’t recommend this experience enough to my fellow floral designers.

Take a tour of the school: